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  • Finish The Fill #7

    This week’s Finish The Fill drum fill was inspired by a drum fill in the song “Summer Of ’69” by Bryan Adams. Check it out! Where To Start? Here’s the first two beats of all these fills: A simple start to this fill – just four notes spread over two beats. Note the dotted eighth […]

  • Finish The Fill #6

    This week’s finish the fill starts with a flam and a 5 stroke roll… how it ends is up to you… here’s 4 ideas though. Where To Start? Here are our first 6 notes: We’re starting our fill this week with a flam on beat 1 followed by a 5 stroke roll starting on the […]

  • Finish The Fill #5

    Finish The Fill #5 starts with a common sticking pattern that has many uses around the kit. Where To Start? Here’s our first 8 notes: This sticking pattern is extremely useful for getting around the kit and creating musical ideas. It’s worth sppending some of your time exploring this sticking pattern and all the ways […]

  • Finish The Fill #4

    Persistent Hi-hat. Pounding Snare. Funky Bass Drum. How will you finish the fill? Here’s 4 options, but what are you gonna do?

  • Finish The Fill #3

    Five sixteenth notes played twice with 4 different endings…. which is your favourite and how will you finish the drum fill?

  • Finish The Fill #2

    For this week’s Finish The Fill we’re using a common 16th note pattern between bass and snare to set up the final two beats of the drum fill where you decide what happens. Let’s check it out! Begin The Fill Here’s the 16th note idea that we’ll use as this week’s jumping off point. This […]

  • Drum Fill Of The Week #86

    This week’s drum fill takes a common idea – 3 note groupings – and applies it to 16th notes. Check it out. The part of this drum fill you may find tricky, is that it starts with the Left Hand. Drum fills starting with the left hand can open up the kit for you in […]

  • Drum Fill Of The Week #85

    Drum fill of the week #85 takes fill of the week #84 and asks the question… triplets? For this drum fill we’re using the same 5 note pattern that we used in drum fill of the week #84 but we’re applying it over the 8th note triplet subdivision. Let’s get to it. Learn The Fill […]

  • Drum Fill Of The Week #84

    This week’s fill takes a 5 note pattern for a spin around the kit… starting with…. the LEFT HAND!!!!!!!!!!! Try not to panic! Five note groupings can sound very musical when applied around the kit. You just need to find the right 5 note pattern and accent it the right way. It’s a matter of […]

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