Finish The Fill #5

Finish The Fill #5 starts with a common sticking pattern that has many uses around the kit.

Finish The Fill #5

Where To Start?

Here’s our first 8 notes:

Kick it off

This sticking pattern is extremely useful for getting around the kit and creating musical ideas. It’s worth sppending some of your time exploring this sticking pattern and all the ways it can be used around the kit.

The first ending I put on this drum fill is a simple 16th note ending incorporating the bass drum and an accent on the snare on beat 4.

Ending #1

The second ending uses 8th note triplets played down the toms to provide a dramatic ending.

Ending #2

The third ending echoes the beginning of the drum fill but ups the power and intensity with double stops and the bass drum.

Ending #3

The final ending uses 32nd notes to add some speed and excitement to the fill.

What’s Your Ending?

Have fun creating endings for this fill. Take your time and come up with as many endings as you can. The more drum fills you create, the more comfortable you’ll get with the RLLRLLRL sticking pattern at the start of the drum fill. You’ll find that after many repetitions the RLLRLLRL pattern will start to show up naturally in your playing without you even thinking of it.

I hope you enjoy finishing this drum fill. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message via the contact us page.