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For drum lessons in Singapore, look no further. Rhythm House has been teaching fun & informative drum lessons since 2007 and our teachers have successfully taught hundreds of students how to play drums. We have drum lessons for adults, children, teenagers,  your grandma, your pets… ok… maybe not that last one! But we do have drum lessons for you!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced drummer, 9 or 69 years old, just playing for fun or planning to be a full time rock star; Rhythm house has a drum teacher for you.

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Learn What You Want To Learn

Rock? Blues? Jazz? Funk? Latin? Reggae? Our teachers can teach you to play them all.

Want to blow people away with awesome sounding fills and licks? We’ve got plenty of those to show you!

Want to play a Samba, make people dance to your Soca, or have them bang their heads while you rock out? We’ve got all that covered.

Looking to learn Rudimental Snare Drumming? With Rhythm House you can! We’ll teach you all 40 of the PAS Rudiments and exactly how to apply them to your playing.

Thinking of taking gradings? We can prepare you for Trinity College London Exams & Trinity Rock & Pop Exams.

Just want to learn your favourite songs? We can teach you those too!

We’ll also make sure that you have a good grasp of the fundamentals so that you’ll be able to take your drumming to whatever heights you want.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of taking drum lessons and why you should take them, then visit our Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons page.

To find out more about what you’ll learn on our free trial lesson, visit our Free Trial Drum Lesson page.

If you’re a beginner, you can learn about our beginners’ syllabus on our Beginner Drum Lessons page.

If you’ve been playing for a year or two and have the basics covered, you can find out what we’ve got for you on our Intermediate Drum Lessons Page.

Finally, if you’ve been playing for a few years and are looking for new areas to explore, check out our Advanced Drum Lessons page.

Experience Counts

Drum Lessons Singapore
David in action with Heritage @ Esplande Recital Studio
Drum Lessons Singapore
Boon Gee Hanging Out Before A Gig

Our drum teachers from England  and Singapore have years of playing and teaching experience and all play professionally – ask your teacher where you can see them play live next.

During your drum lessons you get to sit side by side and play along with our teachers at our purpose built studio. Each of our rooms has two full-size acoustic drum kits – one for you, one for your teacher. Nothing beats playing alongside your teacher when you are trying to grasp an exercise. Being able to see and hear your teacher playing what you are attempting to play will help you learn faster. It also allows your teacher to make immediate corrections to your playing so you don’t form bad habits that can hamper your progress.

Online Support

Have you checked out our YouTube Channel yet? We’re adding new videos all the time. Currently we have over 50 videos of us performing some of the songs that you can learn with us. Can’t remember exactly how your teacher played a certain drum fill in a song during your drum lesson? Just check out the video and it’ll give you a helpful reminder. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get inspired by our latest video.

Our Instagram Channel is home for our “Fill Of The Week” & “Groove Of  The Week” videos. Get weekly groove and fill ideas you can work on at home or ask your teacher about in your next drum lesson.

Read our blog yet? Get more insight into how to play the songs you’re learning; for some songs we’ll even give you the complete score for free – like on this post – so you can try it out for yourself and then ask your teacher for help. Get hints and tips on how to be a better drummer and get more information on our Groove Of The Week and Fill Of The Week from instagram. We’re updating the blog all the time. Keep checking back for the latest update.

How Much?

We have a range of affordable pricing options for drum lessons available at Rhythm House. To learn more about the pricing and terms and conditions, visit our pricing page. Note that we don’t have any additional fees or charges. You pay only for the drum lessons you take, no deposits, admin fees, registration fees etc…

Drum Lessons Singapore
Your Drum Kit is Waiting. Come Make Noise With Us!

Stop Dreaming & Start Drumming

  • Great Location – Check!
  • Great Facilities – Check!
  • Experienced, Professional Teachers – Check!
  • Lessons tailored to suit your needs – Check!
  • Helpful Videos & Blog Posts – Check!
  • Affordable prices with no additional charges – Check!

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