Rhythm House

The Story Begins

Established in 2007 by Mark Boatman and David McGuire, Rhythm House has become synonymous with fun and informative drum lessons in Singapore.

Mark and David were both teaching English when they met in 2003. They both shared a love of drums and a passion for teaching. Both Mark and David were active on the local music scene and often received requests for drum lessons.

Finally, in 2007 the time was right for them to launch Rhythm House. Since then Mark and David have taught hundreds of students how to play drums.

Drum Lessons Singapore - Mark Boatman
Rhythm House Founder & Drum Legend Mark Boatman

In March 2018, after 11 successful years, Mark sadly had to leave Rhythm House and Singapore behind. Rhythm House has continued to flourish though with David assembling a team of top drummers to carry on teaching the next generation of Rhythm House drummers.

Our Philosophy


“It’s a  medium tempo shuffle”
“We’ll go double time at the end”
“Can you play a Samba”
“I want something like the Bo-Diddley Beat”
“Give me a March in the middle section”
“There’s a 4 bar drum break after the guitar solo, come up with something”
“Let’s try it with accents on the off-beats in the chorus”
“I’ll email you the charts, check them out before the rehearsal”
“Slow Blues in A, let’s go”
“Ritard over the last two bars”
“Bring it down for the 3rd verse”

To fulfill these requests you would need to know a wide range of styles, be able to read music, understand music terminology and be able to express yourself on the drums.

At Rhythm House we build complete drummers, we’ll ensure you have no gaps in your drumming knowledge.

We’ll teach you:

  • How to read drumset notation
  • To understand music terminology
  • To play confidently in a wide range of styles
  • How to express yourself behind the kit

That way, when you’re in the drumming hot-seat, you’ll be able to play confidently, dynamically and creatively

Drum Lessons Singapore
Walk In Normal, Walk Out A Drummer!

What’s more, with these skills, you’ll be able to carry on learning throughout your drumming career; so as musical styles change and evolve you’ll be able to keep up with the latest ideas.

To find out more about what you’ll learn at Rhythm House check out these pages:

Beginner Drum Lessons

Intermediate Drum Lessons

Advanced Drum Lessons

Arrange Your Free Trial Lesson

Fill in the form on the right and we’ll contact you shortly to arrange your free 30 minute trial lesson. Or you can SMS/Whatsapp David on 98489875.

We teach from 3pm – 10pm Monday to Friday and from 10am – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Let us know which days/times you’ll be available. If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them!

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