Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Drum Lessons?

Please refer to our Lesson Fees page for information on pricing.

Is There A Free Trial Lesson?

Yes! You can request a free trial lesson at the bottom of this page or on our Contact Us page.

What Age Groups Do You Teach?

If you are over 8 years old and want to take drum lessons, we’re happy to teach you! Our students are all ages and come from all walks of life; From 8 years to 88 years old; From students to professional engineers, bankers to retired property agents; From Singapore, India, France, Japan, China, England, Brazil, Vietnam and Myanmar; As long as you can hold a pair of drum sticks & count to 4, we can teach you to play the drums.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Play The Drums?

That depends on you! An average student who attends drum lessons once a week for 1 hour and practices regularly will be able to play basic rock / pop in around 3 months. After a year of drum lessons most students will be able to play competently with a band in a rock/pop/blues setting. To learn further styles such as Jazz and Latin will require more time.

To master any craft takes years of dedicated study. At Rhythm House we will give you what you need to get started on your life long musical journey; good technique, the ability to read drum notation, and a good understanding of the fundamentals of drumming.

Do I Need To Buy A Drum Kit?

Not right away. But you will need to buy one after a couple of months of drum lessons otherwise your progress will slow down significantly.

If you have very understanding neighbours, and the space to put it, an acoustic kit is recommended. However, in Singapore, space is at a premium and neighbours are very close by, so we’d recommend one of the excellent electronic kits available from Roland or Yamaha.

Visit the following websites for more information: (Links open in new tab)

Another option in Singapore is renting a jamming studio for an hour, 2 or 3 times a week. This can get expensive in the long run and it’s not always possible to get the time slot you want. Plus it’s better to be able to practice on a daily basis – even if it’s only 20-30 minutes at a time.

Drum Lessons Singapore
David in action with Heritage @ Esplande Recital Studio
Is Grading Available?

If a student wishes to get graded on the drums then we can prepare them for the Trinity College or Trinity Rock & Pop grading system.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Trial Lesson?

Nothing! However, if you have played drums previously, you may want to bring your own sticks and any study materials you have.

Arrange Your Free Trial Lesson

Fill in the form on the right and we’ll contact you shortly to arrange your free 30 minute trial lesson. Or you can SMS/Whatsapp David on 98489875 & get a response between 2pm & 11pm.

We teach from 2pm – 10pm Monday to Friday and from 10am – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Let us know which days/times you’ll be available. If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them!

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