Drum Fill Of The Week #85

Drum fill of the week #85 takes fill of the week #84 and asks the question… triplets?

Drum Fill Of The Week #85

For this drum fill we’re using the same 5 note pattern that we used in drum fill of the week #84 but we’re applying it over the 8th note triplet subdivision. Let’s get to it.

Learn The Fill

Here’s our 5 note pattern from drum fill #84

Remember Me?

Hopefully you’re already comfortable with this pattern. If not, start practicing it!

Our next move is to play it over the 8th note triplet subdivision.

Time To Count!

In one bar of 8th note triplets in 4/4 time we have 12 notes; we can play our 5 note grouping twice and then we have 2 notes left over. Set your metronome to 50 or 60bpm, set it to the 8th note triplet subdivision and play the above pattern. Be sure to count!

Our final job is to orchestrate the pattern around the kit. Here’s my orchestration:

Add a couple of Toms.

Taking It Further

You can orchestrate this fill around the kit anyway you choose. Here’s one idea I liked which just changes the ending to two single strokes on the floor tom.

Change the ending

Another idea I liked was playing around with the 5 note pattern over 16th notes and 8th note triplets in the same bar. Try this idea.

Good Luck!

That’s a more advanced idea and it might take you a while.

I hope you’ve enjoyed fill of the week #85. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message via the contact us page.