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So…. you can play drums! You can play songs you hear on the radio. You’ve got good technique. A whole bag full of licks and tricks. You’ve got a good idea of how to play a range of styles. What’s next? Advanced drum lessons in Singapore with Rhythm House of course.

Advanced drum lessons with take you further and deeper into subjects you’ve already started to study. You’ll complete your knowledge of rudiments. You’ll gain further insight into Jazz and Latin. Fancy playing a solo? We’ll look at that too.

Here’s some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Advanced rudiments such as the Pataflafla, Ratamacues, Swiss Army Triplets, Paradiddle Inversions & Triple Paradiddles.
  • Advanced 4 way co-ordination using common foot ostinatos.
  • Advanced Jazz Studies, including how to trade 4s and 8s and playing with brushes.
  • Latin Grooves such as Samba, Mozambique, Cascara and Salsa.
  • Advanced hi-hat patterns applied to rock, pop and funk grooves.
  • Understanding and playing odd time signatures.
  • Linear patterns and grooves.
  • Double bass drum groove development.
  • Polyrhythmic phrasing.
  • Developing Drum Solos.
Drum Lessons Singapore - Mark Boatman
Mark Boatman Performing @ Sing Jazz

Once you’ve mastered all of that, then you’ll be well on your way to being a professional drummer capable of playing competently in a wide range of musical styles. Advanced drum lessons at Rhythm House will make you a complete drummer.

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