Intermediate Drum Lessons

Expanding Drumming Horizons

You’ve been playing for a while now. Got some cool sounding beats. A few fancy fills. You can play along with some songs. Your friends are amazed at your co-ordination. It’s time to take the shackles off and unleash the beat! It’s time to take intermediate drum lessons in Singapore at Rhythm House.

Intermediate drum lessons will take your drumming to the next level. We’re going to expand your musical horizons, push your co-ordination, make your grooves sound fuller and fatter, make your fills mind-blowingly awesome, make your hands lightning fast & make you into the drummer you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn when taking intermediate drum lessons at Rhythm House:

  • How to build hand & foot speed.
  • How to read intermediate drumset notation.
  • Intermediate sticking patterns and their applications.
  • Intermediate rudiments such as drags, paradiddle-diddles, double paradiddles, flam taps, ratamacues, 4 stroke ruffs and drum rolls.
  • Intermediate rudiments drum kit applications.
  • Full, down, tap & up strokes.
  • Accent patterns and their applications.
  • Adding the open hi-hat to your beats.
  • Funk Rock Grooves.
  • Blues grooves.
  • The Shuffle.
  • Reggae grooves.
  • Half time and double time feel.
  • Beginner Jazz.
  • Beginner Latin.
  • Fills using 16th Notes, 8th Note Triplets, 16th Note Triplets and 32nd notes.
  • Playing in time signatures other than 4/4.
  • More challenging songs.
  • How to create a drum part for a song.
Drum Lessons Singapore
David in action with Heritage @ Esplande Recital Studio
Drum Lessons Singapore - Practice Kit
Our Practice Kit Is Ready To Get You Warmed Up.

You’re gonna have to practice. You’re  gonna have to sweat. But, after taking intermediate drum lessons at Rhythm House you’ll be fully equipped to start your career as a drummer. You’ll have knowledge in enough areas to enable you to play in most common musical situations. You’ll also be fully equipped to take the next step in your drum learning journey – advanced drum lessons at Rhythm House!

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We teach from 3pm – 10pm Monday to Friday and from 10am – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Let us know which days/times you’ll be available.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them!

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