Beginner Drum Lessons

Getting Off To A Good Start

Do you find yourself banging away on something when listening to music? Do your pens & pencils often turn into drumsticks?  Does your foot tap to the beat when your favourite song comes on the radio? Do you find yourself watching the drummer more than the rest of the band when you watch a live show? Have you ever watched drummers and tried to figure out how they do it? Sounds to me like you’re ready for drum lessons! Rhythm House is the perfect place for you to start taking beginner drum lessons in Singapore.

Your first few weeks as a drummer are some of the most important. You want to start developing good technique straight away. Bad habits that are learned now can be very hard to break and can be detrimental to your playing when you are trying to play more advanced ideas.  When you come for drum lessons at Rhythm House we’ll set you on the right path immediately.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn when taking beginner drum lessons at Rhythm House:

  • How to hold the drum stick correctly and execute a proper stroke.
  • How to read basic drum set notation.
  • Beginner sticking patterns.
  • Beginner drum rudiments such as single strokes, double strokes, flams and paradiddles.
  • How to apply Beginner sticking patterns and drum rudiments to your drumming.
  • Beginner 4-way co-ordination – the secret art of getting your limbs to act independently.
  • Fundamental drum beats and fills that apply to a wide range of styles.
  • How to play with a metronome to build timekeeping ability.
  • How to play songs.
Drum Lessons Singapore - Mark Boatman in the Studio
Mark Laying It Down In The Studio!

Once you have mastered all of these things then you’ll have a great foundation to build on. You will be ready for the challenges of intermediate drum lessons.

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