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  • Fill Of The Week #5

    Here’s fill of the week #5: This fill has a lot of interplay between the hands and the bass drum, I hope you’ve been working on your co-ordination. Let’s break this fill down into simple steps. The first step is to get the Right hand movement correct. The Right hand plays the biggest role in […]

  • Fill Of The Week #4

    This week’s fill is a classic. If you haven’t heard this somewhere I’ll be surprised! Here’s fill of the week #4: Sounds pretty simple! It is! But it’s one of the most powerful and effective fills you’ll come across. Drummers sometimes get lost in playing busy; hitting as many things as they can, as fast […]

  • Fill Of The Week #3

    Here’s fill of the week #3: That fill might seem pretty busy, it’s only 16th notes, but there is a lot going on. Let’s break it down and approach it one step at a time. First up, lets look at what the right hand is doing: So the right hand is just playing a simple […]

  • Fill Of The Week #2

    Here’s Fill Of The Week #2: This fill uses 3 note groupings over 16th notes. This is a very common way of phrasing drum fills & this fill is a good introduction to it. In any bar of 16th notes you can have 4 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4 notes. This fill […]

  • Fill Of The Week #1

    Here’s fill of the week #1: I’ve always like fill with flams in them. They add a lot of power to a fill and are great for making a statement. The challenge of course is to get your flams sounding consistent across the fill. Taking it further As with any fill you learn, you want […]

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