Fill Of The Week #3

Here’s fill of the week #3:

That fill might seem pretty busy, it’s only 16th notes, but there is a lot going on. Let’s break it down and approach it one step at a time.

First up, lets look at what the right hand is doing:

Step 1 – Right hand

So the right hand is just playing a simple 8th note pattern between the snare drum and floor tom – snare, snare, floor, snare, floor, snare, floor, floor. Simple!

Now lets add in the left hand

Step 2 – Add the left hand

The left hand is just playing on the “ah” each beat. For the first 3 beats it’s on the high tom and on beat 4 it plays the floor time. This is a nice drum fill on it’s own & doesn’t sound as heavy as the full fill. I use this fill in lighter playing situations. The addition of the bass drum makes it sound heavier and more “Rock.” Let’s add the bass drum.

Step 3 – Add the bass drum

The bass drum just slots nicely in the space left by the hands on the “e” of each beat .

Once you’ve mastered this fill, try and come up with your own variations by moving your hands around the kit differently. Here’s some variations to get you started:

Four Variations

Keep the sticking pattern the same as the original fill when playing these variations (R K R L). Note that the last fill is just the original fill of the week with flams added on the snare drum. Adding flams to a fill can make it seem bigger and heavier again.

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