Finish The Fill #13

This week’s drum fill all start of with a flurry of notes. Twelve of them to be exact. We’re playing sixteenth note triplets for two beats and then it’s up to you what happens next… here’s a few ideas though:

Finish The Fill #13

Where To Start?

Let’s start by examining and counting those first 12 notes. Here’s what they look like:

We’re playing six – 16th note triplets on the snare on beat 1 and then a further six on the first tom tom on beat 2. If you’re not familiar with 16th note triplets, set a metronome to 50 BPM, have it play 8th notes and then count 1 ti ta & ti ta 2 ti ta & ti ta etc. along with it. Once you can count them in time with the metronome, then you can try to play them.

What Happens Next?

Our first ending for this week’s drum fill sees us moving from 16th note triplets to 8th note triplets. This creates a dramatic slowing down effect. I might use this to help shift from a regular time feel to a more spacious half time feel. Make sure you can count the fill before you play it.

Our second ending to this fill sticks with the 16th note triplet subdivison throughout, but adds excitement through the note groupings. The 16th notes triplets on beat 3 are thought of as 3 groups of 2 and the 16th note triplets on beat 4 are thought of as two groups of three. The whole fill is played between just two drums, but the movement between the two drums makes it sound busy and exciting. A good drum fill for keeping the energy levels up.

The third ending for this fill is something I might put in a solo. It’s a show-off lick. It ends with 16th note triplets played between a crash/bass drum and the floor tom. Playing it using just the crash on the left side of the kit creates a pattern where the hands have to cross over. This looks cool on stage – especially if you have sticks that glow in the dark.

Our fourth ending calms things down a litte with a 16th note ending… but the 16th notes are grouped 3-3-2 so it has a bit of a fake triplet feel to it. This might feel a little awkward to play at first. Work on counting it first before trying to play itl.

Drum fill number 5 mixes things up by incorporating 16th note triplets, 8th note triplets and 16th notes all in one drum fill. Work on counting this one first. I can hear this one being used to bring a definite ending to a section of a song.

How Will You Finish The Fill?

You’ve seen 5 of our endings. Now get to work and find at least 5 endings that work for you. Explore you kit, use as many subdivisions as you can. Find what sounds good to you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Finish The Fill #13. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message via the contact us page.