Fill Of The Week #65

Beats two and three are lava!

Here’s a fill which appears relatively simple, but it’s the notes that are missing that make it tricky; We’re not playing on beats 2 or 3. We’ve done similar things on fill of the week #9, you might want to check that one 0ut too.

Learn The Fill

Let’s start with the basic rhythm & sticking pattern:

the basic fill

It looks easy, but if you try playing at speed, you’ll probably fail. Take this one slow to start with, 50-60bpm. Count out loud and get used to the space between the “&” of 1 and the “e” of 2. Also get used to not playing on beat.

Note the sticking pattern that I use. My right hand plays any numbers (1 and 4) and any “&”s, my left hand plays all the “e”s and “Ah”s. This is the sticking that feels most natural to me, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your own sticking though.

Once we can play the rhythm and we’re comfortable with sticking pattern, then we can orchestrate it around the kit. I went for a simple orchestration for this one. I’m sure you can come up with something more extravagent.

The full fill
The full fill.

Now you can work on speeding it up, try to reach 120bpm. Work with a metronome and keep counting!

Take It Further

Once you’ve finished coming up with orchestrations for the fill of the week, try orchestrating these rhythms as well:

Fill Variations
Fill Variations

Start playing these slowly at first, use a metronome and count. Use which ever sticking works for you – I suggest Right hand on numbers and “&”s and left hand on “e”s and “ah”s.

Once you have a pattern down, try orchestrating it around the kit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed fill of the week #65. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message via the contact us page.