Fill Of The Week #16

Here’s fill of the week #16:

Not a 16th note or an 8th note in sight on this fill, it’s all triplets; 16th note triplets for excitement and 8th note triplets for drama. Let’s get to work on our triplets.

Learn The Fill

This is a fairly simple fill in terms of co-ordination, but the rhythm may cause problems for more inexperienced drummers. We’re using 16th note triplets and 8th note triplets to create the fill. The first step is to be able to count and play the rhythm of the fill. Here’s the rhythm played on the snare drum with the counting underneath:

basic rhythm
Let me hear you counting

Play this basic version along with a metronome set to count 8th note triplets. It’ll help with your accuracy. If you’re still having trouble, you can try playing the last 6 notes with just your Right hand; that way your right hand will be playing a consistent 8th note triplet throughout the fill.

another way to learn it
Keep your Right hand nice and evenly spaced

You may find it easier just to count the 8th note triplet and feel the 16th note triplets in between. Basically you’re just counting the right hand.

a different way to count
Count the Right hand

Once you are comfortable with the basic rhythm, play the original exercise with the alternating hands over the last 6 notes. Once you have that, you can orchestrate your hands around the kit and play the full fill.

the whole fill
The full fill

Take It Further

The easiest way to change this fill is to re-orchestrate it around the kit. A simple idea is to use a 6 note grouping and repeat it 3 times during the fill. You’ll play it twice fast – over the 16th note triplets – and then once slow – over the 8th note triplets. Here’s a few examples:

6 note grouping examples
6 note groupings

Another simple way to change this fill around would be to change the order of the fill so you start with the 8th note triplets and end on the 16th note triplets. Here’s the first variation from above done that way.

reversed fill
Change it up

These fills work well played against an 8th note feel and an 8th note triplet (12/8) feel. I suggest practicing them against both feels as shown below

practice with a groove.
Groove n Fill

I hope you’ve enjoyed fill of the week #16. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message on the Contact Us page.