Fill Of The Week #11

It’s time for fill of the week. Lets get to it:

So we’re in eighth note triplet mode again, but we’re spicing things up by using a popular hybrid rudiment – the Herta. Let’s learn the fill.

Learn The Fill

The first step to learning this fill is playing 8th note triplets using a R R L sticking:

8th note triplets played RRL
Count those triplets

Next we can insert the 16th note triplet with the left hand between the two right hands:

RRL triplets with additional left hand thrown in
Keep counting

Note that we don’t need to count the 16th note triplet, just place it evenly between the first two partials of the 8th note triplet.

Our final step is to orchestrate the fill around the kit. Here’s the full fill:

The full fill
Still counting?

In case your still wondering what a Herta is:

The Herta
Don’t Herta Me!

You may also see the Herta written as two 32nd notes followed by two 16ths or as two 16th followed by two 8ths. It’ll pop up in our fill of the week again in the future.

Take It Further

Here’s some simple ways of orchestrating this fill around the kit. Our first variation has us moving the first note of the herta around the kit:

Orchestration 1
Moving the first note around

Our second variation sees us moving the 2nd right hand around the kit:

Orchestration 2
Moving the middle note around

Our final variation sees us adding the bass drum on the last note of the herta:

Orchestration 3
Putting the bass drum on the last note

Put this fill together with Groove of the week #11 and start creating variations of your own.

Hope you enjoyed this fill of the week. For drum lessons in Singapore, send us a message via our contact us page to arrange a free trial.