Category: Songs with scores

  • Stop & Stare – One Republic

    Stop what you’re doing and Stare at this video! Stop, Drop and Drum! Stop & Stare is one of One Republics most popular songs and commonly requested to learn by students. In terms of groove, this song is actually fairy basic. The beats used are 8th note rock beats that most students learn within their […]

  • Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues (For You)

    Got the blues? You’re not alone, Gary Moore has them too… and just for you! Still got the blues (for you) is one of legendary guitarist Gary Moore’s most popular songs. The version in the video is the shorter version, the original is over 6 minutes long, this version is missing the last 2 minutes […]

  • INXS – New Sensation

    In 1987 Australian band INXS rocked the world with their 6th studio album that eventually sold over 20 Million copies. New Sensation was one of 4 songs to reach the US Billboard Charts top 10. Here’s my attempt at playing this song: Drummer Jon Farris lays down a straight forward groove on the verses of […]

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