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The Benefits Of Playing Drums

At Rhythm House we specialize in drum lessons. Let’s take a look at the benefits of playing drums and why you should take drum lessons.

Hitting drums and cymbals with wooden sticks is fun. That’s an undeniable truth. Learning how to make those drums and cymbals sound musical when you hit them, is the journey that drum lessons will take you on. Being able to express yourself on the drum kit and make music with other musicians, will be the result of your drum lessons. There are many benefits that come from taking this drumming journey and learning how to express yourself on the drums, lets look at a few.

Boost Brain Power

Studies have shown that playing the drums can boost brain power in a measurable way. It can raise your IQ.

Drumming requires you to use all four limbs at the same time. Most people have a dominant hand which also means a dominant side of the brain. Drumming forces you to develop your non-dominant hand which means you’ll be working the non-dominant side of the brain. Check out this news article on the boost that drumming gives the brain.

Develop Confidence

Learning drums requires you to break complex tasks in manageable parts. With persistent practice you’ll be able to play challenging parts with ease. This is a skill that carries over in to many areas of life. Believing that you’re able to complete difficult tasks by breaking them in to smaller more manageable pieces and working in a consistent manner will help you overcome many obstacles in music and life.

Reduce Stress

Drumming is a stress reliever. Playing drums can relieve frustration, disappointment and stress. Playing for just a few minutes can improve your mood. One of our students reported that his wife had noticed that he was always in a better mood after playing drums. So much so, that whenever he got home from a stressful day at the office, his wife would ask him to play drums first before talking to her. She found him generally more pleasant to be around and less stressed after an hour on the drums.

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Beat Stress By Beating Our Drums!

Improve Communication Skills

Students with musical training communicate better with peers, are more empathetic, and get lots of practice expressing ideas without using words. Drumming also teaches you to read non-verbal cues, which can help you learn to read between the lines.

Get Physically Fit

The physical health benefits of drumming seem almost unlimited. The constant movement of the upper body and lower body limbs make for prime fitness activity. Dr. Marcus Smith, from Chichester University, recently concluded that an hour of vigorous drumming could burn between 400 and 600 calories. Research for the Australian International Academic Centre reviewed the metabolic demands of heavy metal drumming and found that it met the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for the development of health-related fitness. 

But don’t be fooled by the belief that you need to go extreme to get the full brain-body benefits. Numerous studies have shown that all types of drumming can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance your immunity. Research involving group drumming added to the list by providing evidence showing it can be used to reduce blood pressure, cortisol and provide relief from chronic pain conditions. As you can see, there are no shortages of health benefits to be had from playing drums.

Why Play Drums?

If all of the benefits listed above haven’t swayed you, then you might also want to consider that drumming is a subject that you can learn for life. All of the teachers at Rhythm House are still actively learning the drums and pursing the mastery of their craft. With drums, the learning never stops; there is always a new style to master or a new technique to learn and improve upon.

All of the teachers at Rhythm House have reached the level of playing professionally, but all of us can still learn more & still enjoy the challenge of learning more and passing that knowledge onto our students.

If you already play another musical instrument, drumming will help to solidify your timing and rhythm fundamentals which will improve your playing on your other instrument.

Learning drums is fun, it reduces stress, boosts your brain, gets you fitter, makes you more confident and is an instrument you can study for life. What more could you ask for from a musical instrument?

If you aren’t a musician, learning to play drums will help you to appreciate and understand music better – it might just improve your dancing too!

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