Groove Of The Week #57

Pssh… Groove Of The Week:

This week we take a rock solid groove and add a little hi-hat sound effect and a paradiddle lick to take it to the next level.

Get The Groove

Let’s take a look at the basic groove that we’re going to build this beat on.

The basic groove
Beat Of The Week

Hopefully, you can play this groove already. If not, spend some time practicing it. Get a rock solid groove happening before moving on to the next stage.

Our first modification is to add the open hi-hat sound effect on beat 1. This is not a true open hi-hat or even a hi-hat bark, it’s just a sound effect. I achieve it by relaxing my foot on the hi-hat pedal just for that one beat. The hi-hat doesn’t even open.

It’s an effect that Roger Taylor from Queen is known for using on beats 2 & 4 very often.

Adding the open hat

Experiment with your relaxing your foot on the hi-hat to find a sound that you like.

Adding the paradiddle lick

Now let’s add in the paradiddle lick on the second bar. We’re using a paradiddle / inverted paradiddle sticking to create this lick. Let’s check it out.

Take it slow and practice with a metronome. Note the ghosted left hands on the “e” of 3 and the “ah” of 4.

The final step is to put it all together to create the full 2 bar groove.

Two bars of funky fun.

Taking It Further

The slightly open hi-hat sound effect that we’ve added to this groove can be used to great affect with other beats & with other grooves. Let’s practice moving it on different beats of the bar.

Hat’s on the move.

Our first variation puts the hi-hat opening on beat 2.

The second varation has it on beat 4.

The third variation has it on beat 3.

The final variation has it on beats 2 & 4 ala Roger Taylor.

Which variation do you prefer? Pick some of your favourite grooves and try adding this sound effect to them. If you enjoyed this groove, check out groove of the week #25 for more paradiddle + open hi-hat fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s groove. If you’re in Singapore and you’d like a free trial drum lesson, send us a message on the contact us page.