Groove Of The Week #2

Here’s groove of the week #2:

Like Groove Of The Week 1, this is a basic groove that is probably the 2nd or 3rd one that students learn when they first start drumming. It features in so many songs that you really need to spend the time to master it. You’ll have heard it in songs by Green Day, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragon and many many more.

As with all these grooves, make sure you record yourself playing it and focus on playing it as smoothly as possible. Remember that you are laying a foundation for a band to play on top of, if you don’t provide a strong & solid foundation the band isn’t going to sound any good.

This is also a great groove to start experimenting with accenting your hi-hat pattern. Use the shoulder of the stick to create the accent and the tip of the stick to play the unaccented notes. Try it on the on the downbeats…

…. and then on the upbeat

You may find this challenging at first, but it’ll give you 3 very useful variations of the same groove.

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