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  • Pearl Jam – Alive – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

    Oh I, oh, I’m still alive… and playing drums…. let’s play Alive by Pearl Jam from the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5 Syllabus. Full disclosure is necessary here… I love this song! The first Pearl Jam Album, Ten, totally blew my mind & I spent many hours, days, weeks, years doing my best impersonation […]

  • The Specials – Ghost Town – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 6

    What’s so special about this song? Well… it’s about my home town: Coventry, England. Not the most positive song ever written about Coventry I must admit; inspired by rising unemployment, bars and clubs closing down, times of economic hardship… it’s not exactly uplifting! It is however part of the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 6 […]

  • The Alabama Shakes – Hold On – Trinity Rock & Pop Initial Grade

    Have you got the shakes? The Alabama Shakes? Just Hold On for a minute, this video will cure them! Feeling better now? Lock It In This song appears simple on paper, there are no drum fills, no tricky grooves, no open hi-hats… only 2 crashes… just a simple 2-bar pattern… easy. The test here is […]

  • The Beatles – Come Together – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 4

    Come Togetherrrrrrrrr Right Now… and watch this video: What Time Is It? It’s Tom-Tom Time! The tom-toms play a big roll in this song. From the main riff to the driving verse groove to adding colour during the solo section. Toms are everywhere. The main riff of the song features 16th note triplets played on […]

  • James Brown – Hot Pants – Trinity Rock & Pop Initial

    It’s time to bring the funk! Here’s the Godfather of funk & soul, James Brown: Nothing To See Here! So… not a lot happened on the drums in that song….  no fills, no change of groove, no tempo changes, no big ending… nada, nothing, zip…. and that’s the point. Sometimes playing drums is all about […]

  • Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

    “I ain’t scared of no ghosts!” Oops!.. wrong song… but this song does feature a lot of ghosts – ghost notes that is. By the time you master this song you’ll be a true ghost (note) buster! See how many ghosts you can spot in the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5 version of Amy […]

  • Stop & Stare – One Republic

    Stop what you’re doing and Stare at this video! Stop, Drop and Drum! Stop & Stare is one of One Republics most popular songs and commonly requested to learn by students. In terms of groove, this song is actually fairy basic. The beats used are 8th note rock beats that most students learn within their […]

  • Musicology – Prince – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

    It’s time to get schooled! Prince is here to educate you about Musicology. Get Funky This track is in the James Brown style of funk. It features a syncopated funk groove with a fairly busy snare drum part. The chart provided for the song provides no real indication of dynamics for the snare part. I […]

  • Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Trinity Rock & Pop Initial Grade

    Don’t worry ’bout a thing; Cause every little thing gonna be alright… once you watch this video: Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds is now part of the Trinity Rock & Pop Initial Grade syllabus. This version of the song offers a nice introduction to playing reggae. One of main styles of reggae is  referred to […]

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