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  • AC/DC – Riff Raff – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

    It’s noise making time! Here’s AC/DC’s Riff Raff from the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5 exam syllabus. Time To Crash! The first challenge this song presents is crashes during the introduction. The crashes are on the & of 2, & of 3 and the & of 4. Getting these tight with guitars is essential. […]

  • Pearl Jam – Alive – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

    Oh I, oh, I’m still alive… and playing drums…. let’s play Alive by Pearl Jam from the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5 Syllabus. Full disclosure is necessary here… I love this song! The first Pearl Jam Album, Ten, totally blew my mind & I spent many hours, days, weeks, years doing my best impersonation […]

  • The Specials – Ghost Town – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 6

    What’s so special about this song? Well… it’s about my home town: Coventry, England. Not the most positive song ever written about Coventry I must admit; inspired by rising unemployment, bars and clubs closing down, times of economic hardship… it’s not exactly uplifting! It is however part of the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 6 […]

  • Drum Solo: How to create your own. Example 1.

    The thought of having to play a drum solo creates panic in many drummers. We’re quite happy playing along with songs, learning grooves and fills and practicing our rudiments; but solos are a different beast entirely. A solo challenges us to create something. It needn’t be such a stressful task though. Drum solos can be […]

  • Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Trinity Rock & Pop Initial Grade

    Don’t worry ’bout a thing; Cause every little thing gonna be alright… once you watch this video: Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds is now part of the Trinity Rock & Pop Initial Grade syllabus. This version of the song offers a nice introduction to playing reggae. One of main styles of reggae is  referred to […]

  • Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues (For You)

    Got the blues? You’re not alone, Gary Moore has them too… and just for you! Still got the blues (for you) is one of legendary guitarist Gary Moore’s most popular songs. The version in the video is the shorter version, the original is over 6 minutes long, this version is missing the last 2 minutes […]

  • The Band – The Weight – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 1

    Ladies & Gentlemen, The Band: The Band were an extremely talented group of musicians who played with Bob Dylan amongst others. Bob Dylan, and other musicians they played with, always introduced them simply as “The Band” so when they decided to strike out on their own they took “The Band” as their name. The Weight […]

  • Eddie Floyd – Knock On Wood – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 2

    Knock on wood was a hit for Eddie Floyd in 1966 & has been covered many times since. It’s a soul classic written on a stormy night by guitar great Steve Cropper & singer Eddie Floyd. The challenge on this song is locking in fully with the band; the horns, the rhythm guitar & the […]

  • Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 3

    Dancing in the moonlight was originally written & recorded by French-American rock group King Harvest in 1972. In 1999 Toploader recorded a cover version on their Onka’s Big Moka album and then released it as a single in 2000. The version presented in the Trinity Rock & Pop syllabus is closer in feel & groove […]

  • Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion – Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 3

    Want to learn how to play rock drums? Listen to Aerosmith with Joey Kramer on drums, it’s that simple! Joey always provides the perfect driving rock feel for every Aerosmith song. His feel is so integral to the band that when he left the band, they found they couldn’t continue without him; no other drummer […]

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